Jaw Gems

The band's first full length, Blades Plural, comes studded with thirteen glittering, diamond-crusted thumpers, just as all the fine denizens of Portland are letting themselves feel a little fancy again. Rolling up their shirtsleeves and letting the hemlines creep ever higher up the ankles. It's an album that springs the next chapter of your life into motion, from the prismatic enthusiasm of "Akai Floss"; the breathless rhythmic rush pushing forth the urgencies of "Blonde Face"; the crushing highs of the boldly optimistic "Storm"; to the fat, fuck-all funk of the party-monster closer "Liquid Purchase”.

Every city needs a room where it's tired, app-addled youth can put their smartphones and their narcissisms away for a while, bouncing along with each other to the sounds of a kinder, dreamier, better world. JAW GEMS are in that room; love, light, and all. I’ll meet you there.