Download New Year’s Run in Denver Now

NYE_confetti_500It was magical to close 2014 and launch what’s sure to be an epic 2015 with you all at the Fillmore in Denver. You can download all 3 shows now at 1320 Records.  Thank you all for an amazing year and all of your support.

2015.01.03 :: Fillmore Auditorium :: Denver, CO
SET I: Epirus > We’ll Meet In Our Dreams, Arigato, Blu Mood, Peoples, Love Don’t Terrorize, The Rabble, Ramone & Emiglio
SET II: Shock Doctrine, Instantly, Hubble, One a Day (Sub-ID Remix), Circus, Rent > Sweet Dreams > Rent
ENCORE: Grizzly, …And Some Are Angels > Breathe In (Part II)

2015.01.02 :: Fillmore Auditorium :: Denver, CO
SET I: Metameme, Grow, Oil & Water, Four Year Puma, Trinocular > Vibyl, Nautilus, Aimlessly (Ending), Crystal Instrument
SET II: World Go Round > Totem, Mobsters > Too High (Stevie Wonder) > Mobsters, Glogli, Breathe In (Part I), Abcees (Ending), Walk To The Light > Really What?
ENCORE: Phoneme

2014.12.31 :: Fillmore Auditorium :: Denver, CO
SET I: Summit, Click Lang Echo > Moon Socket, New Dawn New Day > Move My Peeps > Kaya, Kabuki, Jebez
SET II: Frequencies DnB > Frequencies Peace 2 > Frequencies Peace 3, Inspire Strikes Back, Countdown > Auld Lang Syne > Music Us, Life’s Sweet Breath, March, Water Song, Scheme, Evasive Maneuvers > Potamus > Kamuy
ENCORE: Squares & Cubes > By the Morning Sun

Summer Festival Announcements

Spotify_STS9_2015_banner_V3We’re looking forward to returning to some of our favorite festivals in Summer 2015, as well as some new ones! Stay tuned for many more announcements to come soon.

Join us in Austin April 10th-12th for a weekend of music, camping & Euphoria! Check out the full lineup, buy tickets & more:

We’ll be back at Summer Camp Festival May 22nd-24th in Chillicothe, IL along with Umphrey’s McGee, moe., Widespread Panic, Big Gigantic & lots more. For tickets and information, head to

Then you can catch us at Wakarusa Festival June 4th-7th in Ozark, AR with The Roots, Young the Giant and much more. Get your tickets early at

We’ll then be headed back to Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, June 11th-14th along with too many acts to list! Check out the lineup and details at See you there!

3 Nights of Aspen in February

image1Big snows so far in the western Colorado mountains, and we’re excited to get back to Aspen for 3 NIGHTS over President’s Day weekend at the Belly Up February 13, 14 and 15.  Three day only fan club tickets go on sale this Thursday Dec. 18th at Noon MST exclusively at Remaining tickets, including single day tickets, will be available to the public on Friday Dec. 19th at Noon MST at

Buku Music & Art Project in New Orleans

BUKU-Poster-Final-4x6Laissez les bons temps rouler! See you all back in New Orleans for TWO appearances at this year’s Buku Music & Art Project including a festival set on Friday March 13th, and then a special Buku Late show at the Joy Theater on Saturday March 14th. Grab all the details at

3 Nights at HOB Chicago in March

image4You all asked for it!  Let’s head to Chicago for 3 NIGHTS at the House of Blues March 5th-7th! Fan club three day passes go on sale this Thursday Dec. 18th at Noon CST exclusively at Any remaining tickets, including single day tickets, will be available on Friday Dec. 19th at Noon CST at

3 Nights at the Georgia Theatre in March

STS9_AthensWe’re excited to announce we’ll be bringing it back to where it all started, the one and only Georgia Theatre in Athens, GA for 3 NIGHTS, March 19th, 20th and 21st, 2015.  Three day pass only fan club tickets go on sale this Thursday Dec. 18th at Noon EST exclusively at Any remaining tickets, including single day tickets, will be available to the public Friday Dec. 19th at Noon EST at

New Year’s Run Openers and Artists

STS9-NYE2014v2_500We’ve got some awesome additions to the upcoming New Years run at the Fillmore Auditorium in Denver!  First off, we’re stoked to announce that ProJect Aspect (12/31), Modern Measure (1/3), and option4 (1/2) will be warming up the spot over the three nights before STS9 hits the stage.  We’re also pleased to announce that our good friends Kris D. and J. Garcia will be painting LIVE, together, all three nights.  Grab your tickets while they last!

STS9 Autumn 2014 Downloads

Everyone can check out the amazing set-lists and soundboard audio downloads from STS9’s Autumn Tour here, and grab them today at Keep checking back as shows will continue to be added as soon as possible.  Enjoy!

2014.11.22 :: Fox Theater :: Oakland, CA
SET I: New Dawn New Day, Golden Gate, Ramone & Emiglio > Monkey Music, Poseidon, Walk To the Light, Frequencies Peace 2 > 3, World Go Round
SET II: Dance > Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin) > Dance, Vapors, Only Light Remains, Kamuy, Orbital > Hubble, Abcees > No Quarter > Abcees > No Quarter > Abcees
ENCORE: Circus

2014.11.21 :: The Wiltern :: Los Angeles, CA
SET I: Epirus, Equinox > STS9 > Equinox, 20-12, GLOgli > Grow, Love Don’t Terrorize, Blu Mood, Scheme Reprise > What Is Love?
SET II: Gobnugget > West LA Fadeaway > ReEmergence, Totem, Wika Chikana > Footsteps in the Dark > Wika Chikana > Click Lang Echo > Inspire Strikes Back, When the Dust Settles, Rent
ENCORE: March, Life’s Sweet Breath

2014.11.08 :: Austin Music Hall :: Austin, TX
SET I: When the Dust Settles Reprise > This Us > Moon Socket, New Dawn New Day, Call Jam > Tap-In, Golden Gate, March, Instantly, Circus
SET II: Really What? > Four Year Puma > Really What, F. Word, Trinocular > Vibyl, Crystal Instrument, Rent, World Go Round
ENCORE 1: Epirus, Summit

2014.11.07 :: House of Blues :: Dallas, TX
SET I: Totem, Tooth, King Pharoah’s Tomb, The Rabble, The Paint, Jebez, Pianoir, Evasive Maneuvers, Kamuy
SET II: Ramone & Emiglio, Vapors > Water Song, Click Lang Echo, Orbital > Monkey Music, Luma Daylight > Metameme, The Unquestionable Supremacy of Nature (Axed) > The Unquestionable Supremacy of Nature
ENCORE: Baraka

2014.11.06 :: Cain’s Ballroom :: Tulsa, OK
SET I: Warrior, Beyond Right Now, MOD, Nautilus > Aimlessly, Simulator > Blu Mood > Move My Peeps > Lo Swaga
SET II: Equinox, Hubble, T.W.E.L.V.E. > Grow, Scheme, World Go Round, Hidden Hand Hidden Fist, Inspire Strikes Back
ENCORE: Kaya, Life’s Sweet Breath

2014.11.05 :: George’s Majestic :: Fayetteville, AR
SET I: Frequencies 2 > 3, Gobnugget, Love Don’t Terrorize, Oil & Water, Kamuy, Walk To The Light, Abcees, Wika Chikana
SET II: Rent, Golden Gate, Four Year Puma, When The Dust Settles, Surreality > EB, EHM
ENCORE: Possibilities, Totem

2014.11.04 :: The Lyric :: Oxford, MS
SET I: Be Nice, Grow, Shock Doctrine, Open E > Dance, Kabuki, Crystal Instrument, Arigato
SET II: Click Lang Echo > Moonsocket > So It Goes, March, 20-12, GLOgli, What Is Love?
ENCORE: Be Pulse, Inspire Strikes Back

2014.11.02 :: The Tabernacle :: Atlanta, GA
SET I: Hidden Hand Hidden Fist, Instantly, Only Light Remains, Equinox, By the Morning Sun, The Rabble, Firewall, Poseidon, When the Dust Settles Reprise
SET II: Vapors, Totem, Kaya, Vibyl, Really What? > Kamuy, World Go Round
ENCORE: Circus

2014.11.01 :: The Tabernacle :: Atlanta, GA
SET I: Epirus > New Dawn New Day > Surreality > EB, Native End > ReEmergence, Scheme, Abcees > Monkey Music, When the Dust Settles
SET II: Love Don’t Terrorize > Potamus > Love Don’t Terrorize, F Word, MOD, Orbital, Walk to the Light, Rent > Frequencies Peace 3 > Rent
ENCORE: Metameme, Red Clay

2014.10.31 :: War Memorial :: Nashville, TN
SET I:  Family Affair > When The Dust Settles, Gobnugget > Monkey Music, Mothership Connection (*), Wika Chikana, Oil & Water, Mobsters > Nautilus > Aimlessly
SET II: Still Blastin’ 2028 Live Edit (Sub-ID) > Four Year Puma, Frequencies 2 > 3, Dance > Give Up The Funk (Tear The Roof Off) > Dance > Give Up The Funk (Tear The Roof Off) > Dance, Crystal Instrument, Totem, World Go Round, Ramone & Emiglio
ENCORE: Shakedown Street
(*) Maureen Murphy of Vocals

2014.10.30 :: Iron City Music Hall :: Birmingham, AL
SET I: Golden Gate, Arigato, Rent, Click Lang Echo, Shock Doctrine, 20-12, The Unquestionable Supremacy of Nature
SET II: Blu Mood, Move My Peeps, Tooth, March, Simulator, Luma Daylight, Inspire Strikes Back
ENCORE: 986 Foot Tall Trees > …And Some Are Angels

2014.10.29 :: Track 29 :: Chattanooga, TN
SET I: Jebez, New Dawn New Day, Today, T.W.E.L.V.E., Moon Socket, Grow, Poseidon, Love Don’t Terrorize, What Is Love?
SET II: Bigs, One Two Three, Water Song, Breathe In, Crystal Instrument, When the Dust Settles, Kabuki
ENCORE: Somesing, From Now On

2014.10.25 :: Thomas Wolfe Auditorium :: Asheville, NC
SET I: Walk to the Light, Abcees > King Pharaoh’s Tomb > Exodus > King Pharaoh’s Tomb > Gobnugget, The Rabble, Pianoir, Vapors > Only Light Remains, Click Lang Echo > Summit
SET II: Really What? > Four Year Puma, Hubble > Orbital > Hubble, World Go Round, EHM, Kamuy

2014.10.24 :: Tennesse Theatre :: Knoxville, TN
SET I: Epirus >Tap-In, Orbital > Lo Swaga, Inspire Strikes Back, Vibyl, Beyond Right Now, Equinox, Glogli
SET II: Awesome Feat. Cool Kids (STS9 remix) > The Unquestionable Supremacy of Nature, Blu Mood, Golden Gate, Frequencies 1 > Mischief of a Sleepwalker > Frequencies 1 > Frequencies 2 > 3 > Scheme, Totem
ENCORE: Circus, Baraka

2014.10.23 :: The National :: Richmond, VA
SET I: Twilight > Oil & Water, Click Lang Echo > Rent, Grow, 20-12, New Dawn New Day, What is Love?, March
SET II: Wika Chikana, Arigato, Kaya, Shock Doctrine, F. Word, Monkey Music, When The Dust Settles Reprise, World Go Round

2014.10.22 ::The Jefferson Theatre – Charlottesville VA
SET I: This Us > Moon Socket, Love Don’t Terrorize, Luma Daylight > Tokyo, The Paint > Abcees, Crystal Instrument, Vapors
SET II: Warrior, MOD, Call Jam > Hidden Hand Hidden Fist > Call Jam > Tap In, Ramone & Emiglio, Golden Gate > When The Dust Settles
ENCORE: Dance, Instantly

2014.10.21 :: 9:30 Club :: Washington D.C.
SET I: Circus, Totem, Evasive Maneuvers, Kamuy, Only Light Remains, Metameme, Squares & Cubes, Kabuki, Firewall
SET II: Walk To The Light, One Two Three, Four Year Puma, Scheme Reprise, Move My Peeps, Hubble, World Go Round, Inspire Strikes Back
ENCORE: Possibilities, Music Us

2014.10.19:: House Of Blues :: Boston, MA
SET I: March, Grow, New Dawn New Day, Somesing, Lo Swaga, MOD, Abcees, World Go Round
SET II: Awesome feat. Cool Kids (STS9 remix) > The Unquestionable Supremacy of Nature, Hidden Hand Hidden Fist, F. Word, Love Don’t Terrorize, Gobnugget > Tap-In, Glogli, What is Love?
ENCORE: King Pharaoh’s Tomb > Water Song > King Pharaoh’s Tomb > Water Song > King Pharaoh’s Tomb > Water Song

2014.10.18 :: The Tower Theatre :: Upper Darby, PA
SET I: Rent, Crystal Instrument, World Goes Round, Kaya, Monkey Music, When The Dust Settles Reprise, Simulator, Jebez
SET II: First Tube (*) > Moon Socket > First Tube > Moon Socket, Click Lang Echo, Circus, 20-12, Dance > Inspire Strikes Back, Scheme
ENCORE: Pianoir, EHM, Breathe In (*) first time played.

2014.10.17 :: Best Buy :: New York. NY
SET I: Native End > ReEmergence, Vapors, Only Light Remains, Equinox, Golden Gate, 4 Year Puma > Totem
SET II: Oil & Water, Walk to The Light, Blu Mood, Scheme Reprise, Kamuy, When The Dust Settles, Ramone & Emiglio, World Go Round
ENCORE: The Human Abstract, Potamus Jam > Gobnugget

2014.10.16 :: State Theatre :: Portland, ME
SET I: Be Nice, Move My Peeps, T.W.E.L.V.E., South of Here, Poseidon, Beyond Right Now, Rent, The Rabble
SET II: Totem, Frequencies Peace 2 > 3, Moon Socket > So It Goes, Click Lang Echo > One, Two, Three, Mobsters > Surreality > EB
ENCORE: Grizzly > Baraka

2014.10.12 :: The Orbit Room :: Grand Rapids, MI
SET I: Unquestionable Supremacy of Nature, Only Light Remains, This Us, Instantly, Wika Chikina, Orbital, Blu Mood, Love Don’t Terrorize, Really What?
SET II: Luma Daylight >, Tokyo, March > Scheme Reprise > What Is Love?, Arigato > Blu Mood Reprise, World Go Round > Totem
ENCORE: Jebez, Kabuki

2014.10.11 :: The Fillmore :: Detroit, MI
SET I: New Dawn, New Day, Move My Peeps > Monkey Music, Oil & Water, Pianoir, Abcees, Click Lang Echo, Rent
SET II: When The Dust Settles Reprise, Kaya, Ramone & Emiglio, Walk to the Light, Vapors, Moonsocket, EHM
ENCORE: Hubble, Firewall

2014.10.10 :: Stage AE :: Pittsburgh, PA
SET I: 4 Year Puma > F Word, Gobnugget, The Rabble, Equinox, Vibyl, Only Light Remains, Circus
SET II: Evasive Maneuvers, 20-12, Golden Gate, Hidden Hand Hidden Fist, The Paint, Frequencies Peace 2 > 3, World Go Round, When The Dust Settles
ENCORE: Music Us, Dance, Crystal Instrument > World Go Round Reprise > Crystal Instrument

2014.10.09 :: Egyptian Room at Old National Centre :: Indianapolis, IN
SET I: Breathe In (First Half), Walk To The Light, GLOgli, Bigs >1..2..3, Kamuy, Love Don’t Terrorize #, Lo Swaga, Inspire Strikes Back
SET II: Call Jam (%) > Tap In, MOD, King Pharaoh’s Tomb, Scheme > Simulator > Grow, Totem, Awesome (STS9 Cool Kids Remix) > Unquestionable Supremacy of Nature
ENCORE: 986 Ft. Tall Trees(**) > Breathe In (Second Half) # – first time played % – last played on 02.09.2006 ** – featuring Alana Rocklin on upright bass (AXED)

New Year’s Run 2014

FillmoreFLAG_220We’re so excited to announce that STS9 will be ringing in 2015 at the legendary Fillmore Auditorium in Denver, Colorado for three nights this year on Wednesday December 31st, Friday January 2nd and Saturday January 3rd.  What an incredible way to end an amazing year with you all!  Three day passes, GA Tickets, VIP tickets and travel packages all go on-sale Now exclusively through

Single Day GA tickets for New Year’s Eve on Dec. 31st are $75, and $37.50 for Jan. 2nd & 3rd.

Three Day GA Passes for Dec. 31st, Jan. 2nd & Jan. 3rd are $150.

Three Day VIP Passes for Dec. 31st, Jan. 2nd & Jan. 3rd are $250 and come with early and private entrance to each show, VIP Balcony Access which includes an intimate private cash bar, restrooms, and a viewing area plus a limited edition Event Poster, and Digital Downloads of each of the 3 shows.


We’re also offering Travel Packages which include hotel rooms in Denver, tickets and other perks via CID Entertainment.


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2014.04.12 – Ford Park – Vail, CO
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2014.03.28 – McDowell Mountain Music Festival – Phoenix, AZ
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STS9 – Red Rocks 2013 Supporting Cast
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