An Update from STS9

In life, the only constant is change. We try to embrace this in our music and in our lives and its in this spirit that we announce STS9 and bassist David Murphy are parting ways. We are postponing our upcoming winter tour dates through February.   We’ll miss David and wish him the best on his journey ahead.

To our fans, we can’t thank you enough for your understanding and continuous support.  We are thrilled for the future of STS9 and can’t wait to share it with you.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

-Hunter, Jeffree, Phipps & Zach

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  1. fan

    so how do we go about getting refunds for our tickets? I took time off from work to go to three shows in January, and now found out you’re postponing them for dates that we do not know if we can make. So how do I go about contacting the right ppl to get our money back?

    Concerned fan

  2. Utsong

    This is def going to take time to digest, but we love u guys and can’t wait for the future of soundtribe 2.0! Murph thanks for all the passion it’s been amazing watching u guys grow over the past 2 decades! Best of luck brother and hope to catch your solo project(s). Lets take this news and go forward full force! STS9 for life! Blessings!

  3. Sean Wolfle

    Hey STS9, Ive been a fan for the the past 8 years since I traveled to Boston in 2007 or 2008 to see you guys at the Avolon club. I’m a bass player of a local group called Turtle Soup located here in NJ. Like I said I’ve been a fan for sometime and I know this isn’t the way to go about asking for an audition or anything like that, but if you don’t ask you would never know.

    I’ve been a bass player for the past 23 years with a degree in music education. My major instrument was the upright bass. I’m looking for a chance to show you my talents on the bass.

    Thank you

    Sean Wolfle

  4. riley hodgson

    HEY WHATS GOING ON HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Murph please dont do it bro!!!!!! please????? come on man please dont do it. We’re all getting ready to come see you for denver through des moines. Please dont do it man please im begging you. i’ll be your slave for the rest of my life. please just dont leave. please stay dude this is so messed up. Please? for the sake of all of your fans this is litterally the worst thing that has ever happened in the history of mankind. your music has touched us all. just please re consider we dont want you to leave.

  5. riley hodgson

    MURPH, don’t be a jerk!!!! We waited months to see you. If this is how you treat your fans then i guess your’e not the god we all thought you were. we were here for you but you just dump ur fans like a bad habit. Not the man i thought you were. what a complete and total disappointment.

  6. Fetus

    Tears. From a grown man.



  8. jai

    to the highest aspirations of all this affects

    all good things in all good time

    <3 <3 <3

  9. Shaenna Kelly

    What happens for refunds if tickets are already purchased?

  10. Frequencies

    I wish the best for Murph in the rest of his endeavors after sts9. That being said, I can’t wait to see what happens with what has and always will be my favorite band!

  11. FOO.

    Love you guys, thanks for creating many experiences and emotions. If you aren’t growing you’re dying…


  12. FJax

    This is one of the saddest things I’ve ever heard. So awful. :(

  13. siteboss

    Hi Shaenna – Refunds will be available at point of purchase. If you bought tickets through STS9’s website, your card will be automatically refunded. Please allow 8-10 business days to process.

  14. chris baker

    this band will re-unite, here is proof!

  15. siteboss

    Hello – Refunds will be available at point of purchase. If you bought tickets through STS9’s website, your card will be automatically refunded. Please allow 8-10 business days to process. Please email with any further questions. Thank you

  16. jimbiv

    I’m humbly grateful for the many years STS9 inspired my passion for music, creativity and community. Thank you Murph, we wish you best and send our support to the other 4 warriors.

  17. C

    man that’s cold murph!

  18. EvasiveAngels

    Can’t wait to see whats to come!!!

  19. dusty

    i’m not concerned about refunds… that will all be sorted out easily. more concerned that one of my all time favorite live bands is in turnmoil and was so looking forward to the shows… such is life. i’m sure sector 9 will grow and prosper as they have always done. looking forward to the future. that said, as a west coast fan, i saw winter tour 2011 canceled (i get it, murph had cancer), regen @ hornings 2.0 canceled, and now yet another oakland->tahoe run canceled…. next west coast run better be soon and good…

  20. SoCal_FluffHead

    Is your 1/24 Hollywood, CA show postponed/cancelled?? I see that your Oakland show at the Fox the next day is cancelled on Ticketbastard, so I’m assuming the Hollwood/LA show is too…


  21. Mr. H

    The band just got Murphed?

  22. Katie

    Are the shows for Denver at the Fillmore on 1/31 and 2/1 Cancelled or happening? I need to cancel flights if they won’t be happening on those dates…. :'(

    <3 TRIBE

  23. ben

    Ummm….Who cares about refunds….just lost our band….

  24. Jesse W. Rhodes

    I had this friend at the bookstore where I worked. I shared your music with her and we both loved it; like Del’s on a hot day.
    I got us a pair of tickets to fly to Colorado. When I fly I get the ‘sweaty palms’ and the ‘we might crash into a mountain’s. We took a plane and a monorail thing and a shuttle and an elevator and another shuttle, to get to Red Rocks. September 2008 is a weekend I still salivate for.
    I’ve seen you guys around New England for a lot of years now. I really wanted you back in Providence again.
    I wish you all well, but tonight I am sad.

  25. DINGUS

    LOL This is Great.
    I would have left this band too.
    Smartest thing Murph has ever done.
    Maybe he sobered up enough to finally hear the music, lol.

  26. wamp

    Say it ain’t so Murph! Say it ain’t so! You have to come to Knoxville! It would have been my boys 50th show..How are you gonna deprive a man of his 50th show!?!?

  27. bassface

    What if you bought tickets off Live Nation?

  28. matt green

    Whatever happened I wish all of you guys nothing but the best in the years to come. I just wanted to thank you for all of the years of wonderful music with wonderful friends you have given us the opportunity to listen to and witness. Truly some of the best times of my life. Thank you Sts9!!!

  29. goo

    : (

  30. hello

    are the shows in Feb cancelled?

  31. Tony Morrall

    Wish Murph all the best …. but looking forward to see what the change brings.

  32. Fan

    I didn’t get my tickets on ~ I got mine on ticketmaster, so am I sol?? :(

  33. Amber

    So if we bought them at the Fillmore box office do we take them there for a refund? Wish it wasn’t cancelled! Thank you!

  34. Shan

    What if we got them from live nation?

  35. Michele Rebbeck

    I’ve been a fan of Sector 9/STS9 for almost 14 years. Last night, when the initial email was sent out, I was in disbelief and shock. I was so excited for two weeks from now and seeing the band for 2 nights. I am extremely disappointed. Now, I am sad for what was, but excited for the future. Whatever the reason, change is a part of life. I hope Hunter, Jeffree, Phipps & Zach, and the rest of the extended STS9 family continues to grow. I do wish Murphy the best and hope he seeks what he is looking for in this life.

  36. Siege

    Thank All of You for the Positive Energy Ya’ll Have Provided Us Through Your Music! Embracing Change is Tough but Progress Need to Happen for Growth! Best of Love to Murph and Sts9 in Their Own Future Endeavors. Love and Light to Ya’ll

  37. David

    What about festival dates? When does this change take effect? Is there a replacement lined up?

  38. Paige

    HB, Velmer, Phipps, Free, keep it real and murph may the force be with you. I love you guys.

  39. Bob

    It seems that a decision was made, but you did not consider the fans that already paid money for this tour. There are a lot of people currently stuck with hotel reservations and airline tickets that are non-refundable. The professional move would have been to play the shows you scheduled and then move in separate directions. I am disappointed after many years of supporting the band. It’s great that tickets are being refunded, but a 2 week notice is unfortunately not enough time for most cancellation policies. I wonder if this was even discussed before the announcement went out.

  40. FJax

    I look forward to what’s to come. Much love and support to you all during this transition!

  41. hoebagz



    I can only imagine what the personal and/or musical related reasons are…

    So, what can I say…WOW, what a ride! From those late 90’s elecro-jazzy-space-funk days to those early 00’s Starseed Gem Crew DnB days to those Post-Artifact days to NOW…I have thoroughly enjoyed the progression of your crispy, funky, bone-crushing bass!
    {{{so many chills}}}

    I would like to throw in a Major THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to MURPH for his years of collaboration with the band. He has helped grow this thing SO much. There are countless beautiful and fun moments he has helped to create and inspire in us.

    MURPH…I wish you all the best, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

    Much Love

  43. Space Tree

    Soldier On Tribe! You have multitudes of old heads that are ready to get back on the road with you. Good luck with choosing your new bassist. What’s the name of the woman that used to play bass in sub-ID? Alana Rocklin …..That’s Right!

  44. Jbro

    I wish murph the best and want to thank go for all of his hard work and great memories. I am looking forward to the future-

    In lakesh

  45. moondick

    Are people that stupid about refunds? Use your brain, call TM/LN….email them, LiveChat with them…if its canceled and not rescheduled, you’ll get auto-refunded.

    And this band hasnt been good in 8 years at least.

  46. Blake

    Sucks to see him go but thanks for keeping the tribe together! Alana for president 2014!!!

  47. Matt

    It saddens me to hear this news. I can only hope the four of you will come back stronger than ever. See you wherever you play next.

  48. Future

    Because they make Machines that play Bass now!

  49. Craig

    I love how people are coming out of the wood work on here to bash the bands musical style. After this are you going to go crash a funeral and bash the recently deceased?

  50. David Murphy Leaves STS9

    […] this spirit that we announce STS9 and bassist David Murphy are parting ways,” the band shared on their website. “We are postponing our upcoming winter tour dates through February. We’ll miss David and wish […]

  51. Chris Kew

    Hello STS9, I’m sorry to hear about the parting of ways you have had. I am a bassist formerly with Hypnotic Clambake, Jiggle the Handle, The Recipe and a bunch of other bands. I am looking for a full time touring gig. Jiggle and the Clambake were both full touring bands and I have many many years of touring experience. I remember when you started up when I was in the Clambake and we were playing with Leftover Salmon a lot. Please get in touch, I’m ready to go. Be well. Chris q

  52. Chris Kew

    One more thing, I would like to add that I was sent your way by Jack Trifiro, Victor Wooten’s FOH and tour manager. He contacted me today about your situation. He would back me up. Thanks again. Chris Q

  53. unity

    I’m very sad that there is a conflict of interest
    in the direction of the band. It seemed like ya’ll
    were moving the same way.Anyways, ya’ll are very
    talented and im sure life will be good for all involved. your music has touched me in ways I didn’t think I could feel.This makes your music priceless and timeless.I’m sincerely glad your music came into my life.

  54. Push Car

    The news saddens me, but this page saddens me a bit more. But that’s not what I wanted to say.

    THANK YOU. For that wave after Vegas 2006. For Bonnaroo 2003. For Boulder 2007. For striving to stay interested in the music, albeit PA sets or Axe the Cables. For resparking my interest this summer and saying goodbye on such a high note at Red Rocks, when the message behind the screens finally made sense. For all the words, spoken and unspoken. For inspiring us and letting us inspire you. Thank you. It was an honor.


  55. Mike m

    If this band hasn’t been good in 8 years, then why r u on their website?? More room to dance at shows without those idiots around. Good luck Murph. Can’t wait for Waka!!

  56. 2002 Vibes

    Much Love and Positive Energy to the new STS9

    I’m hoping to see some more of that natural restraint and soothing patience from the early sector9 sound interpolated back into the new STS9 2.0 sound.


    start fresh, we will be there for you

  57. McSteamboat

    I love you Murph!!! Wishing you the best and hoping for some amazing shows in the future…. hopefully with you as a guest star! =)

  58. Michele

    I will be listening to STS9 all day today wishing that the shows this weekend were still happening.

  59. Jerome Karim

    Hello sector 9. This is Jerome Karim, I have been an avid sts9 fan since the 2000s somewhere back then and have listened to yall everyday since then. I have a degree in jazz studies guitar with additional studies in jazz composition, jazz piano, and classical composition. But I am an electric bassist as well who enjoys playing along with your bootlegs of live shows a lot. I feel confident you would at least enjoy the audition with my unique sound and different influences of Phil Lesh, and other directions as well as the proper respect paid to the influence of the original tone of the song. Please email and I really appreciate the consideration you give, if you see this. Sincerely, jerome

  60. Fan

    Thank you for many years of beautiful music/art. I wish you the best in your separate journeys.

  61. Brad Nelms

    Is there any way I can tryout as a replacement? I am serious about this.

  62. Bama

    Murph, I wish you the best of luck on your journey. I feel honored that I got to see you guys grow from the small bar shows to selling out Red Rocks, I was there every step of the way. I first saw you guys at 5 Points Music Hall in Birmingham, AL, and there were maybe 50-60 people there! That was in 2000 I think. Murph, you let me on the bus with you guys at The Odyssey Music Festival in Camp Hill, Ala. back in 2004. We all sat in the back of the bus just hanging out for about 30 minutes, just me and all 5 of you guys. I still brag about it. I left you with a little present also, hope you enjoyed it. Anyway, good luck, and always remember that you are greatly appreciated for the countless memories that words can’t explain! You the Man!

  63. vertiklman

    I was just made aware of this. I feel like one of my kids has left the family for good. I hope that the adventure that lies ahead is one of happiness and fulfillment. You all deserve that at the very least. Your message is one of a brighter day. Now more than ever, that message must resonate loud and clear. God speed Sound Tribe Sector 9, you’ve always made me the proudest.

  64. Kerry

    I knew we should’ve taken that time off work to check you guys out for the STS9 New Years marathon in ATL! :( Now I’ll never get to see the original lineup live! – I only recently – last 2 years – learned of you from my bf. I know he’s sad. Good luck, Murph!

  65. STS9 Plays First Gig Without Founding Member David Murphy «

    […] pioneers Sound Tribe Sector 9 announced that founding member and frontman David Murphy would be leaving the band. Their upcoming tour was canceled and seemingly, the band’s fate was  up in the air. Fast […]

  66. Miki

    Now that you have an awesome new bassist, will these tour dates be scheduled since you said you were postponing, not cancelling them? Really would like to have a hefty midwest tour to do. :-)

  67. Galen

    Dear David, Hunter, Phipps, Zach and Jeffree,

    First of all, let me thank you for bringing us all such wonderful music over your careers so far! I have been touched, moved and amazed with your music since I first started listening to it, and as a fellow musician I want to say that I think that each of you are truly outstanding artists!

    What you have created together with STS9 and 1320 Records has been exemplary and has re-inspired my ideals of what music can be, why it is so important, and how it can CHANE and GROW into something bigger than just the band or the fans!

    David, I sincerely wish you the best on your journey ahead, in whatever direction and avenue you choose. I will always admire and respect your care and genius, and will eagerly await your new projects. And as for the rest of the band, well, keep on rocking it guys; I look forward to what you all will do in the future, and will enjoy continuing to support you as you evolve in your musicianship as well!

    With love,


  68. Squares

    Been listening to you guys since 2000..Your band has meant so much to me and my life. Thanks for all you’ve given-all of you. You guys are some of the most talented musicians there are..I can’t wait to see where you take it. Listening to Springback now. Will miss Dave though. MURPH!

  69. Axe The Cables: STS9 Will Now Perform 3 Sets Each Night At Red Rocks «

    […] Rocklin – who recently joined the band after David Murphy’s departure – will be performing STS9 songs in the Axe The Cables fashion for her first time. Knowing her […]

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