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STS9 finished 2012 in style, starting we three shows down in beautiful Tulum, Mexico as part of the annual Mayan Holidaze.  December 21st ended a long cycle of the Mayan calendar, and to be able to play at midnight, on this day, in such a sacred location fulfilled a longtime dream for the band.  Thank you to everyone who made it down to Tulum to be a part of this!

2012.12.17 :: Mayan Holidaze :: Tulum, MEX
SET I: Beyond Right Now, Scheme Reprise, Inspire Strikes Back, Move My Peeps, T.W.E.L.V.E, Metameme, Kamuy, GLOgli > Robot Rock
SET II: MOD, Be Nice, King Pharaoh’s Tomb, Grow, Looking Back on Earth, EHM, Abcees, Aimlessly
ENCORE: Satori, Ramone & Emiglio

2012.12.19 :: Mayan Holidaze :: Tulum, MEX
SET I: Frequencies 2 > 3, Instantly, Breathe In, Grizzly, Moon Socket, Music Us, Golden Gate, Tokyo
SET II: What Is Love?, Empires, Kaya, Scheme, F.Word, Hidden Hand Hidden Fist, Shakedown Street
ENCORE: Bloody Beetroots “Awesome” (feat. Cool Kids), Unquestionable Supremacy of Nature

2012.12.21 :: Mayan Holidaze :: Tulum, MEX
SET I: Really What, 20-12, When the Dust Settles, Vapors, Simulator, Equinox, Arigato, Circus, March, Baraka
ENCORE: The Walk

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