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Thanks to everyone in attendance who helped celebrate the Fall segment of STS9’s “Great Cycle Spectacles” in glorious fashion.  From the tour kick off at the legendary Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, to our first stop at Charlotte, NC’s beautiful new Fillmore, to the honor of two debut performances at Atlanta’s Fox Theatre, to a triumphant return to Richmond, VA after too long an absence, to an incredible Halloween party at the Tower Theater in Philadelphia followed by a remarkable closing weekend in Boston and two huge nights in New York City… it felt incredible to be back out on the road sharing music with y’all.

The entire “Great Cycle Spectacles” Fall Tour is available for purchase on-line NOW.  As always, you can grab your downloads directly from 1320 Records, and for the first time ever we’re putting up the entire tour on iTunes for everyone to grab there as well, for a limited time.   Check out the setlists below.  Downloads via 1320 Records are available in MP3, FLAC or WAV.

2012.10.24 :: Ryman Auditorium :: Nashville, TN
SET I: Activation, 20-12 > Kamuy > Simulator, Empires, Somesing, Hi-Key, Move My Peeps, Vapors > Piano Solo
SET II: Be Nice, Instantly, Surreality > EB, …And Some Are Angels, Frequencies D&B > Frequencies 2 > 3, What Is Love?, March
ENCORE: Breathe In

2012.10.25 :: The Fillmore :: Charlotte, NC
SET I: Activation, Beyond Right Now, Atlas, Crystal Instrument, Grizzly, Grow, Hidden Hand Hidden Fist > Shakedown Street, Arigato
SET II: T.W.E.L.V.E, Inspire Strikes Back, Golden Gate, Water Song, Looking Back On Earth, EHM, Rent, Evasive Maneuvers
ENCORE:From Now On, Ramone & Emiglio

2012.10.26 :: Fox Theatre :: Atlanta, GA
SET I: Activation, Really What?, 20-12, F. Word**, Satori**, When the Dust Settles, Vapors, Simulator, Circus
SET II: Abcees, Moon Socket > Kamuy, Peoples, Kaya, Aimlessly, Scheme, Bloody Beetroots “Awesome” (feat. Cool Kids), The Unquestionable Supremacy of Nature
ENCORE: Instantly

** The track “F. Word” is missing and a small portion of “Satori” is also missing from this recording due to technical difficulties on-site. “Satori” is free. Thank you.

2012.10.27 :: Fox Theatre :: Atlanta, GA
SET I: Activation, Scheme Reprise, Inspire Strikes Back, Move My Peeps, Equinox, T.W.E.L.V.E., Metameme, What Is Love?, Glogli
SET II: Thriller, Arigato, Hidden Hand Hidden Fist, The Walk,  Evasive Maneuvers, Shock Doctrine, March > Rent

2012.10.30 :: The National :: Richmond, VA
SET I: Activation, MOD, Tokyo, Grow, Somesing, Grizzly, ATLAS, Beyond Right Now, 2012
SET II: Really What?, Breathe In, The Rabble, STS9, Ramone, Lo Swaga, March, Moon Socket
ENCORE:We’ll Meet In Our Dreams, Instantly

10.31.2012 :: Tower Theater :: Upper Darby, PA
SET I: Activation, Thriller*(Michael Jackson), Also Sprach Zarathustra* (theme from 2001), Icky Thump (White Stripes), Robot Rock (Daft Punk), The Walk (The Cure), Sympathy For The Devil (Rolling Stones), What is Love?, King Pharaoh’s Tomb*, Bloody Beetroots “Awesome” (feat. Cool Kids) > Unquestionable Supremacy of Nature
SET II: March, Scheme > Rent, Simulator, Abcee, When The Dust Settles > EHM, Inspire Strikes Back
ENCORE:Hidden Hand Hidden Fist
*with Horns

11.01.2012 :: House of Blues :: Boston, MA
SET I: Activation, T.W.E.L.V.E, F. Word, MOD, Move My Peeps, Vapors, Peoples, Really What?, Music Us
SET II: When The Dust Settles, Arigato, Beyond Right Now, Open E, Frequencies D&B > Frequencies 2 > 3, Kaya, Moon Socket, Bloody Beetroots “Awesome” (feat. Cool Kids) > The Unquestionable Supremacy of Nature
ENCORE: Satori, Aimlessly

11.2.2012 :: Best Buy Theater :: New York, NY
SET I: Activation, Scheme Reprise, 20-12, Abcees, Metameme, Looking Back on Earth, Grow, Atlas, EHM
SET II: The Walk, NIN Intro > Tooth, Be Nice, Inspire Strikes Back, Breathe In, Glogli > Robot Rock, Kamuy > Evasive Maneuvers
ENCORE: Empires, Tokyo

11.3.2012 :: Best Buy Theater :: New York, NY
SET I: Activation, Vapors > Simulator, Hidden Hand Hidden Fist > When the Dust Settles, Arigato, Beyond Right Now, T.W.E.L.V.E., Moon SocketActivation, Scheme Reprise, 2012, Abcees, Metameme, Looking Back on Earth, Grow, Atlas, EHM
SET II: Really What?, Scheme > Rent, March, Move My Peeps, MOD, Bloody Beetroots “Awesome” (feat. Cool Kids) > The Unquestionable Supremacy of Nature, What is Love?
ENCORE: Circus, Instantly

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  1. Nick

    Can u dl a show for free if u went to it? like with my ticket number?

  2. George

    Thank you guys for an awesome two nights in ATL! The missing F Word is a tragedy…that shit was sooooo good! Oh well…Just Thanks!!! Can’t wait to “Enjoy the Show” again!

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