Time Within Evolving Living Vehicle Earth

STS9 presents the conclusion of 2012 with a three day celebration of “Time  Within  Evolving  Living  Vehicle  Earth” to take place December 29, 30 & 31 at the Fillmore Auditorium in Denver, Colorado.

Tickets are available now through STS9 Ticketing and Ticketmaster.  There are also Travel packages available HERE from the good folks at CID Entertainment.  We can’t wait to come full cycle with y’all right where we started 2012.


General Admission tickets range from $37.50 to $75.00.  Three-day passes for the entire NYE run are available at Ticketmaster.


For a list of all STS9 TOUR DATES, CLICK HERE.



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  1. MooMoo

    So pumped!!!

    Bring some openers this time please!

    And no, not Cherub

  2. itsallgood

    Curious about VIP. Loved the sound check last time at the Fillmore. The only VIP I found was combined with a travel package through CID. I don’t need a place to stay or transportation.

  3. Chris

    SOO STOKED!! Coming out from India and haven’t seen you guys in over 1 1/2 years… THIS is one of the main things I’ve been looking forward to (aside from family and friends, obviously). I know you guys are going to kill it, and if anyone (Phipps) is reading this… HB on guitar during EHM (debut 02.01.08) is the best of all time. Just sayin…

  4. STS9 Will Announce New Years Run In Denver; Details Here « TreeThugger.com

    […] As always, we were the first publication to drop these details- but to be sure to have all the correct info, please visit the band’s website. […]

  5. Seth

    Just Thanks… TWELVE 🙂 Between this and mexico cant wait for a magical week to end this year…

  6. Rillywut

    Hell yeah those roman numerals are hitting the spot too


    yess greatest news for the fall time… here we go. say goodbye to 2012… and our minds YESSSSSSSSS

  8. jebez

    Will there be single VIP tickets available?

  9. Itsallgood

    Would love a VIP package where I don’t have to stay in a hotel. I live in Denver and already have a place to stay and transportation. I want all the other VIP stuff though.

  10. kermit

    could not be happier =)

  11. Lone Wolf Renegade


  12. Milehigh303

    Why ? Damn now I have to choose between you or string cheese for new years , my 2 favorite bands and your both playing Colorado for NYE . This sucks .. Guess it’s one night of tribe and 2 nights of cheese .. Unless the fist night you drop a hb walks to school then I’ll do 3 nights of tribe .. But you guys never play this song anymore witch really sucks .. So guess well just have to wait and see ..

  13. chirfnt

    Infinitwist. The initial reaction to the studies taken upon us, and the intermediate conclusion something should be done. Collecting territory in remembrance of consciousness. The vast world that we wish to see at night, as we close out eyes and cannot see. Poetry in darkness, amid the echoing sounds of the air, yet lost as if time and money were somehow increasingly incremental. Awaiting.

  14. kyle p

    Yes yes yes!!!!!!!!! So stocked words cant really describe but milehigh, where is cheese playin at i was afraid of cheese and tribe both doing newyears

  15. kermit

    MILEHIGH303 has some first world problems ='(

  16. kyle p

    Anyway since i.got my three day pass this morning already i guess dare i say…. WARRIOR!!!!

  17. lukas

    Aspen? 😉

  18. honeynoats

    Well shit. I haven’t missed a Denver tribe show in 3+ years, but this is incredibly unfortunate timing. I’m sure it’s gonna be a great and really fun run of shows, but I really wish it didn’t coincide with Cheese. I’m bummed that I’ll have to miss one or the other, or some of each. Major bummer that I can’t do it all.

  19. kyle p

    Or if you guys bust out a prime ass itzamana like the one off the 02 mishawaka then ill listen to scheme scheme reprise scheme reprise number two doesnt matter PRIME ASS ITZAMANA!! Hes a Mayan god for.crying out loud

  20. Yosuf

    we are so fortunate for this…everyone has to take it easy and let them do their thing for each and every single night


    wonder what little suprises they have for us?

  22. Tribe or Die

    How bout some new hawt beats, wrapped in with some Music, Us to wrap up 2012 proper, and start 2013 off right.

  23. SHON

    YOUR IT!!!!! or Kabuki…. show all of us what you did for INdigo back in 01. I will be there all 3 nights, I hope y’all got those prints in Chi-Town from Saxton. LOVE AND LIGHT and thanks for making me DANCE like a monkey.

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