April: NOLA (4.27) and Nocturnal (4.28)

We’re pleased to present two more special STS9 events coming this April, brought to you by our friends at Insomniac.  On Friday April 27th, STS9 returns to one of their favorite cities – New Orleans – for a special night of “Sector 9”, at the River City Ballroom, at Mardi Gras World on the waterfront!  Then on Saturday April 28th, STS9 heads to Texas with a headlining “Great Cycle Spectacles” inspired set at the Nocturnal Festival in Rockdale, TX.

Tickets for New Orleans 4/27/12 are AVAILABLE RIGHT HERE.

Tickets for Nocturnal Wonderland are AVAILABLE RIGHT HERE.

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  1. Seth


  2. jnermon

    Awesome! Can’t wait to check out the Sector 9 set @ NOLA. And what exactly does GCS “inspired” set mean? Same set-list but w/o the LED pyramid??

  3. nola4sheesh

    oooo yeahh boiii

  4. PA me LA

    What do you mean by sector 9?? Oh I can only imagine, def going to this! thanks for the south LOVE!


    NOLAAAA!! 😀

  6. Shantribesector9

    Yeahhhhhh son!!!!!!! GCS at Noc!!!!!

  7. Shantribesector9

    Let’s do this Texas!!!!

  8. Jazz Fest 2012 Late Night Schedule and Ticket Links | LMB NOLA

    […] STS9 @ Mardi Gras World River City Ballroom (INFO) […]


    band in masks and carts with red beans & rice, jambalaya, and gumbo like TwiRoPa late night ’04.

  10. Foo.

    Ya’ll hear dat Nolia Clap?!

  11. MPO

    This should be at Stubbs or the new backyard. not at a rave fest

  12. Shantribesector9

    @MPO – I second that but no matter where they play they kill it, and just like they did at noc last year…made every other band look bad besides the others in the 1320 family. Roll tribe roll!!!!

  13. Milehigh303

    Can you please announce re gen already trying to male summer plans and I’m waitin on re gen and red rocks .. Why does livenation have you guys playing red rocks 1 night on June 16th ? I hope this isn’t real I hope you guys are playing 2 nights in sept like you always do . PLEASEEEEEE ANOUNCE THESE SOON !!!! NEED TO MAKE SUMMER PLANS ..

  14. MPO

    For us that live in Austin, we really need to see this at one of the venues I listed, I heard the nocturnal fest really sucked last year by many many people…

  15. MPO

    Are u sure u didn’t leave that fest last year unsatisfied Shan??? I listened to the show and was pretty week. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy sound tribe every time I see them but I heard from many people that it was not worth making that trip to the middle of nowhere

  16. MPO

    Also camping seems to be a problem and I am not driving to rockdale and back after the show, really needs to be somewhere else is all I’m saying cause u know people ate driving that distance from austin that shouldn’t be right?

  17. MPO

    Umpeys at Stubbs on 420 where I can get a cheap cab!!!

  18. MPO

    Umphreys sorry.

  19. Shantribesector9

    Loved the show last year dog. Last years noc was totally worth it, and I drive from Amarillo Texas haha. Tribe doesn’t roll through here so every show I get a chanse at going I try n go, n I know tribe will kill it this year.

  20. MPO

    Wow Amarillo! Glad u liked it, I used to hav to drive from Lubbock cause I went to Texas tech, long damn drive!

  21. Shantribesector9

    Tribe never disappoints! They’ll bring the heat to noc I swear by it! Roll tribe roll!!!!

  22. G

    Please tell me how I can get tickets for this. omg.

  23. Shantribesector9

    I got a Friday night if anyone wants haha

  24. MPO

    @shantribe, palo duro canyon is the shit huh??!!

  25. rd

    When are the NOLA tickets going on sale????

  26. 2012 Jazz Fest after-show schedule taking shape | NolaVie - Life and Culture in New Orleans

    […] STS9 @ Mardi Gras World River City Ballroom (INFO) […]

  27. Shantribesector9

    @ MPO. Hell yeah it is! They do a huge play down there in the summer almost everynight n I think it would be badass for tribe to play there! How sick would that be?!

  28. ryan

    ***TICKETS*** for NOLA – go to JAZZFESTGRIDS.com look at first weekend and find STS9 in the mardi gras world block then click on the link and use jazzfestgrids as the code

  29. Zack

    You gotta get that Sector9 when ever you can children…one day you’ll realize how sweet this was. Chalk me up for the Jazzfest festivities

  30. VIDEO: STS9 – “Great Cycle Spectacles” @ Congress Theater, Chicago Jan 2012 | LIVE MUSIC BLOG.com

    […] shows on April 20th and 21st here at the Fox Theater in Oakland. Then they’re doing a show on the New Orleans waterfront as part of Jazz Fest then bringing the show to Texas to the Nocturnal Festival. High Sierra, too! Should be an awesome […]

  31. juan

    eye seen on midnite’s website they are playing with sector 9, bless up tue the most hi

  32. juan

    no midnite?

  33. juan

    eye stand happily corrected midnite is playing the after party

  34. MPO

    Children ha! Umphreys threw it down this past wknd at Stubbs homey, sounds like u need to see an Umphreys show and see how talented these guys are

  35. MPO

    Bty Zach, Ive been seeing sts9 since 2001, how long u been seeing em brah????

  36. MPO

    It would be badass shan!!!

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