Denver TGCS Downloads Available

Thanks to all for two incredible sold out nights at Denver’s Fillmore Auditorium.  What a way to kick off 20-12 and the first of many “Great Cycle Spectacles”!  We hope y’all had as good a time as we did, for each performance was for us, an incredible journey to say the least.  Check out the setlists below and grab downloads of both nights at

See y’all in Chicago.  Grab tickets RIGHT HERE.

2012.01.13 :: Fillmore Auditorium :: Denver, CO
SET I: Activation, 20-12, Vapors, Looking Back On Earth, L1nQs (Journey Point ~ Earth), Breathe In, Circus, The Rabble, Simulator, Y.D.S. (Journey Point ~ Sun), Arigato, Kamuy > Drum Solo > The Fog > Kamuy, Journey Point ~ Space
SET II: Scheme > Rent, Abcees > The Spectacle, Soquel Ghost (Journey Point ~ Hunab Ku), Grizzly > Moon Socket, March, EHM, Denver Earth Zoom
ENCORE: F. Word, Aimlessly, Deactivation

2012.01.14 :: Fillmore Auditorium :: Denver, CO
SET I: Activation, Hidden Hand Hidden Fist, Be Nice, Twilight Intro > Shock Doctrine, Last 50,000 Years (Journey Point ~ Mars), Grow > Vibyl, Golden Gate, From Now On, Telefon Tel Aviv (Journey Point ~ Neptune), Instantly, When The Dust Settles > Family Affair > Piano Piece, (Journey Point ~ Space)
SET II: The Unquestionable Supremacy of Nature > Peaceblaster ’08 > The Unquestionable Supremacy of Nature, GLOgli, Squares & Cubes, Kaya, Trade Craft (Journey Point ~ Hunab Ku), Atlas, Equinox > MOD, Inspire Strikes Back, Denver Earth Zoom
ENCORE: What Is Love?, Scheme Reprise, Deactivation

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  1. lovebee

    tell us more about the journey points…very intriguing!

  2. dusty

    the journey points were an incredible combination of light and sound… most of these tracks are off albums – L1nQ off Live at Home, the last 50,000 years off peaceblaster (1st time played?). the lights took us to the journey points… hopefully a dvd get released from this in addition to the music tracks…

  3. soundtrey

    how do we get the downloads when we prepaid for them with the tickets?

  4. jfoozie

    please god do another i couldnt make it this year please tribe!!!!!

  5. Shantribesector9

    What a great two nights. Now I see why they wouldn’t give out set lists.

  6. Shantribesector9

    EP send me those set list please!?


  7. lossless

    I was at night two of the Chicago shows and am kicking my self in the ass for not going to both nights. these shows were defiantly a spectacle. start to finish this was an experience more than an a concert; to say the least.

  8. TribeHead

    I was there both nights, (my first time seeing tribe) one of these most spiritual experiences of my life. You can get so lost in the music of sound tribe, they know something we dont.

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